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“The Bar Model approach has changed my life! Teaching problem-solving has been so much of a different experience than previously.”

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Whether it’s our EYFS, Primary or Secondary training, teachers and leaders have made many comments about the outstanding CPD they’ve received. Don’t take our word for it, hear what they say…

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So useful to understand how bar modelling can help children and then practically how to introduce it, build it, the language which accompanies it, the different bar models and where you can take it – so much to be thinking about.

Jane Scott-Gall,
Marner Primary School

It was also great to see how engaged the staff were – talk was focussed on Maths and there were many light bulb moments and friendly competition to work it out first. Peer on peer explanation too! I also quite liked that ‘I got it’ in front of my colleagues, always great to lead by example.

Sandra Voisey,
Laurel Lane Primary School

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The journal is where we keep all news, articles, achievements, tips, approaches and examples from pupils. Have a look at some of our articles which have been published nationally.

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“The Bar Model approach has revolutionised the way I think about and teach Maths. My pupils can visualise fractions, percentages, decimals and ratio as well as solve incredibly challenging word problems so consistently”

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