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We’ve had the pleasure of working with many different companies and schools. Here are some of the things they say about us and our CPD sessions…

So useful to understand how bar modelling can help children and then practically how to introduce it, build it, the language which accompanies it, the different bar models and where you can take it – so much to be thinking about.

Jane Scott-Gall,
Deputy Headteacher of Marner Primary School

It was also great to see how engaged the staff were – talk was focussed on Maths and there were many light bulb moments and friendly competition to work it out first. Peer on peer explanation too! I also quite liked that ‘I got it’ in front of my colleagues, always great to lead by example.

Sandar Voisey,
Headteacher of Laurel Lane Primary School

The content was spot on in terms of the pitch for the audience and in terms of objectives for the day.

Jennifer Burn,
Consultant for Hampshire Council

This was a very effective training day. Mohi (the trainer) enabled teachers to confidently teach Maths using bar modelling.

Karen Taylor,
Assistant Headteacher of St Ignatius Catholic Primary School

It was very engaging and challenging. It really made you think about our teaching approach to mathematical concepts. All staff were engaged – teaching and support staff. You knew straight away that it would have a big impact on pupil progress.

Kate Crawford
Headteacher of Milford on Sea Primary School

I was very interested in how we could implement Mastery into the Foundation Stage. I also enjoyed the bar modelling. We have just begun introducing it to the children.

Conor Costigan,
Teacher at Riverhead Infants

An awful lot was covered giving us a very good grounding in the underlying principles of the Singapore maths model. Inspirational in terms of practical ideas, modelled questioning and use of resources.

Alison Timmings,
Headteacher of William Gilpin Primary School

Very hands on – able to have a go ourselves rather than just sit and listen and be told what to do. This gave a better idea of how we would teach it to the class and how important the resources are.

Sam Dempsey,
Senior HLTA for Lower Key Stage 2
Manor Primary School

The knowledge and approach of the trainer, the materials used. The trainer being able to link with the latest changes in the curriculum, trainers experience in schools really helped.

Sakhawat Ali,
Headteacher of Wisdom Academy

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