Bar Model Training Packages

We specialise in Bar Model training, delivery to Primary schools, Secondary schools and educational organisations all over Englands. We know what works well in schools and what teachers need more support with and this is reflected in the training packages we offer. There are 5 types of training packages which are typically what most schools and organisations request.

Some schools are already using Singapore Maths resources and are looking for the cutting training which allows their staff to take more control of the Bar Model approach and flourish when they tackle challenging concepts within the resources they use. We are familiar with both the popular resources schools choose to use when thinking of the Singapore Maths approach in England.

Why us?

We are seriously passionate about teaching effective Maths lessons all over the world. The Bar Model is just one heuristic which we have been focussing on as we feel it’s a very powerful strategy in problem-solving but is seriously underused and slightly misrepresented due to widespread free resources made by those who haven’t had as much experience in the approach.

Our experienced trainers have been delivering Maths CPD for years and we are privileged to have consultants who have been taught the Bar Model approach as a pupils in Primary school during their own education. They have then chosen the teaching profession and taught in Singapore are now with us as trainers and consultants. This means we are in an ideal position to support schools implementing the Bar Model approach and have a depth of knowledge on the approach that other training companies do not have. We have been trained by the lead experts in the Singapore Maths approach from leading consultants and trainers from the National Institute of Education (Singapore).

We have packages that will suit your school or organisation. These include pedagogy-based training, training on introducing Bar Model to Advanced Bar Modelling and more bespoke training which we deliver all across England.

Online Resources (inclusive)

We’ve recently been creating digital resources which we want schools to use to promote and enthuse their pupils and community with. These animated videos have been specially created to highlight the powerful use of Bar Models across different Key Stages. The great news for schools booking their training with us is that they will be able to use the videos in class and embed them in their own school website. We offer one-year free embedding of our animated videos and some of our lessons for schools booking at least a whole day training session.

You can see some of the animated videos and video lessons on our Vimeo Page and across our website.