Ten Frames Seminar- EYFS and Year 1

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Our ten frames training course looks at using a ten frames as a major tool to support and develop a deeper understanding of number in Early Years all the way through to Year 1. Ten frames are a must for those who intend to teach using bar models in KS1 and KS2.

“Great ideas to go back and start straight away!”

Ten Frames Training Course Aims

The session will:

  • Introduce the concept of using an egg box or the Ten Frame in EYFS and Year 1
  • Explore the benefits of using egg boxes as a major tool for understanding number
  • Give delegates various unique and proven strategies to enhance understanding of number in EYFS
  • Allow delegates to understand the meaning of subitising and explore opportunities to subitise in EYFS
  • Hands-on activities and games that follow the EYFS Framework and allow deeper understanding of numbers
  • Guide teachers into seeing the benefits of using ten frames to ease into bar models

“From a leadership perspective, we felt the Ten Frame training could revolutionise the way we teach math within EYFS and KS1”

Target audience

All EYFS staff, Year 1 and SEN teachers

Booking: Book early as this event has always been sold out!

“As a SENCo and not an EYFS teacher, I can see how some of the issues in maths have developed in schools.”


Mohi Uddin is a former Head of Mathematics at a successful secondary school in North West London and also a former primary Headteacher. He has been an independent mathematics consultant for over three years and specialises in Maths mastery. He works closely with various education-based companies as well as schools and is one of the consultants and was one of the trainers for Maths No Problem, Europe’s first and leading company in Singapore Maths.

“His level of expertise and passion for the potential of how the Ten Frames could be used within schools was evident and left an impact on our staff leaving them excited at the possibilities of how we could use it in our setting.”

“Can’t wait to get started!”

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