Singapore Maths Consultant


“A bilingual (English and Mandarin) primary Singapore Maths specialist teacher, who believes strongly in learning through play and incorporates technology into lessons with enthusiasm.”

Chay is a teacher with vast experience of Singapore Maths. As a student, she was in the first batch of pupils of who were recognised as leading the world in their Mathematical ability for their age (TIMSS benchmark 1995).

Chay has a Diploma in Information Technology, a BA in Tourism Management and also qualified as a teacher at the renowned National Institute of Education (Singapore). She has taught in Singapore for 3 years and also has experience of teaching in small groups and 1-2-1 tuition in England.

Chay’s experience of teaching Maths in Singapore and higher order problem solving has allows her to support our consultancy with her first-hand knowledge of the Singapore system. Chay supports us in many ways including consultancy work, delivering training, creating resources and creating online systems with the work she does for