We are so pleased to be a few days away from releasing our new Bar Modelling App to support teachers in their classrooms.

Our new Bar Modelling App can be used anywhere in the world, as long as you have basic internet access. Not only will the app work anywhere without having to download any software, but you will also be able to get your hands on the web-app completely FREE, however, the iPad version will have a small charge for you to be able to use the app.

We hope that the teaching community enjoy using the apps and the app also allows much-needed support for schools who can see the benefits of using this type of teaching tool.

We thoroughly believe in the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract phases and hence we would encourage schools to always start new concepts using concrete materials before going to the pictorial phase. The app we’ve created will support you in the pictorial phase of your modelling and we can envisage many uses of the app from EYFS sessions, KS1 Lessons, all the way to some secondary lessons too.

We know that many teachers feel that Bar Modelling is a great tool for problem-solving, but don’t forget that the approach is also incredibly helpful when teaching fractions, percentages, ratio, algebra, averages and much more!

If you are excited as us about this app, but are not sure how to teach using bar models or are not sure if your staff members understand the potential of the Bar Modelling approach, then don’t wait too long in contacting us to arrange outstanding CPD in your school.

Check our 8-minute long video going through the key features of the app:

Though there are some minor issues we are still trying to improve on, we are happy for the teachers around the world to start using the Bar Modelling app straight away and you can get to use the app by following this link: https://apps.barmodel.co.uk/barmodel/