Our Bar Model training is not just for schools that have decided to take on the Singapore Maths approach. In fact, we have trained many schools who are not using the Maths No Problem or OUP series of Singapore Maths textbooks and scheme of work. So who is the Bar Model training aimed at?

Bar Model Training for Non-Singapore Maths Schools

The majority of schools in the UK are not using any of the Singapore Maths commercial schemes and so if you are one of those schools, you may feel that the Bar Model approach is not for you?

We need to get one thing cleared up. The Bar Model approach is a visual approach which helps pupils to solve many different types of problem-solving questions. Bar Models can also support teachers in introducing, visually, many maths topics, like fraction, percentages and ratio. So in effect, the bar model approach, is a visual strategy which allows a higher level of reasoning skills and problem-solving. It really doesn’t matter if you are using Singapore Maths books or schemes as we all want to have the most efficient and effective problem-solving strategies within our schools, and according to the thousands of teachers we have trained, the Bar Model approach is just that – the most effective strategy they have ever seen!

“The Bar Model approach has changed my life!”

The bar model approach is based on research from different countries including Jerome Bruner’s (USA) CPA approach and Zoltan Dienes (Hungary) research on learning. Therefore the bar model approach is not just for “Singapore” maths but is for anyone who is trying to improve metacognition, reasoning and problem-solving skills in their school. So if you thought it wasn’t for your school because you are currently not using the Singapore Maths approach, yet your school wants to improve on their strategies for problem-solving, then you now know it is for everyone who wants a more consistent visual approach to problem-solving!

Singapore Bar Model training UK


Bar Model Training for Schools already using the Singapore Maths approach

Most schools that are using Singapore Maths schemes, from either Maths No Problem or OUP Inspire series, find it a huge struggle if they didn’t get the necessary Singapore Maths training early on. We would always recommend training teachers so that they can get the most out of the Singapore Maths textbooks and workbooks, otherwise, it may seem like the new initiative just isn’t working and therefore ends up a very costly mistake! As part of our general Singapore Maths training we do go into the Bar Model approach for a small part of the session but in order for your staff to master bar modelling there needs to be a two-fold effort from any trainer or training company.

  1. Pedagogy. How do we teach using Bar Models? With our experienced trainers, we make sure you get all the hints and tips others will not be able to pass on. We have consultants from Singapore working with us, who themselves have had the training and taught the Bar Model approach in schools.
  2. Subject Knowledge. Teachers need to be aware of and have experience of the different models and types of questions where Bar Models are typically used. We have a range of questions and courses which cover the use of bar models from Primary to Secondary Maths.

With the two points in mind, it is very important that we take into consideration the fact that Bar Model is fairly new to the UK so we do need to take steps to ensure our teachers get all the support available which will allow our schools to flourish in problem-solving using the Bar Model approach. Our training will soon include a year’s online support for your school, so don’t miss out!

If you are looking for Bar Model training then contact us as we are planning some more exciting goodies for those who decide to book training with us by the end of this term!